PHILIPS | DS1200/12

PHILIPS DS1200/05 Docking Speaker

Morning dock Philips Fidelio DS1200/12 with speaker fill your room with an unusually deep and rich sound. Placing the device next to the bed, you can see the time, use it as an alarm clock or a nightlight, and charge up to two devices iPod, iPhone or iPad at the same time.


•Convenient spring-loaded connector on the docking station with speakers from Philips allows you to easily connect any model of iPod or iPhone, without special adapters. In addition, you can connect the device even in a protective case - simply place your iPod or iPhone into the dock and enjoy your favorite music without the hassle. •Neodymium is the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and a pure balanced sound quality. •When connected to a docking station, it will automatically synchronize the clock with devices iPod / iPhone / iPad.
•Free app Philips DockStudio - is a lot of great unique features for use with a docking station with speakers. Thanks to this application you can listen to your favorite radio shows and discover new music, because you have to be thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world, and this app allows you to browse your music collection, and to share with friends on Facebook or Twitter, what are you listening to at the moment. In Clock mode, you can set a variety of musical signals and receive date weather forecast. Download this app on App Store portal and get acquainted with them more closely.
•Set the iPod, iPhone or iPad in the dock Philips Fidelio DS1200, created specifically for these devices, or remove the device - a docking station will still be beautiful decorative element. Unlike other docking stations, docking station Fidelio decorates the interior with its design as the device is connected, as well as separately. It attracts attention, so shelf or desktop will look more elegant. •Charge your iPad on the Fidelio docking connector dock. At the same time you can charge iPod, iPhone or other mobile devices via the USB.