D-LINK 150 Series SIP Phone

D-LINK DPH-150SE 150 Series SIP Phone


PHONE FEATURES: Milt-user (2 SIP accounts). Caller ID display. Call History: 100 Missed Calls, 100 Received Calls, 100 Dialed Calls. Phone book (up to 500 contact names and phone numbers). Supports XML Phone book/Browser. Supports click to dial via web phone book. Day/Time display. Call/Time display. 14 Selective Ring tones (9 tones & 5 melodies). 10 Speed dial number. Incoming call indicator. Password control for Configuration. Pre-dial before sending. Memo.
ADVANCED VOICE QUALITY FEATURES: Silence Suppression Acoustic Echo Cancellation (G.167) Voice Active Detection (VAD) Comfort Noise Generation Jitter Buffer DTMF Transmitter (SIP info,Transparent, RFC 2833) Packet Lost Concealment (PL C). KEYPAD: Menu. 3 Soft keys for doing more functions. Phone Book. Callers. 2 Navigator Keys for navigating in .configuration; volume adjustment of Ringer, Speaker phone & Handset. MWI. Conference. RLS(Release key). Mute. Transfer. R/Send (Redial and the entry to access call history; finish dialing and call the number). Hold. Speaker. 12 numeric keys with star & pound key. Support 5 EXT console, each. console with 26 key.
CALL FEATURES: Call Forward (Busy, No answer, Unconditional). Call Waiting. Call waiting Indication. Three Way Conference. Anonymous Call/Rejection. Message Waiting Indication. Do Not Disturb. Auto Answer. Black list. Limit list. Auto hangup. Ban outgoing. hotline. SPEAKER PHONE: Built-in Speaker.