DELSEY | 000223965000

Delsey LA Defense Cabin WPS TR Backpack PC

Is your main priority to secure your luggage and your belongings? LA DEFENSE is the range offering maximum security while retaining a timeless look. It combines the advantages of softside and hardside luggage. It is also equipped with the ZIP SECURI TECH and a cable to attach your luggage to fixed furniture. 41 times stronger than regular zip fasteners, the SECURI TECH ZIP gives you the highest degree of security under all circumstances. You can travel with perfect peace of mind when you have the SECURI TECH ZIP to rely on. This LA DEFENSE business product is equipped with a cable, enabling you to attach your luggage to a permanently fixed object as well as to secure pockets and compartments, thereby guarding against any threat of theft.


Luggage that can be taken into the cabin in line with IATA recommendations. Its dimensions comply with most cabin luggage restrictions imposed by airlines (see our overview of luggage standards in the Customer Service section).

Special shock absorbent padding to protect your laptop computer. Optimal security for your luggage using a padlock with detachable cable so that you can lock all compartments at the same time and attach your luggage to a secure item (chair, table, etc.).

Patented system with wheels opposite the shoulder straps. If the luggage is worn on the back, the wheels do not touch it and when rolling, the straps do not drag on the ground.