DELSEY | 000137472300

Delsey Beaubourg 55 Slim Cab Trolley

A line inspired by extreme sports and new technology which will delight young urban people. A hybrid line combining hardside and softside features, created by our designers using innovative materials for optimal comfort. The Wheels pack system featured on this item of luggage has been patented by DELSEY. The wheels are on the opposite side to the straps. This means that when the luggage is being carried on the back, the wheels cannot hurt you or soil your clothes. And when the luggage is rolling, the straps are never in contact with the ground.


Luggage that can be taken into the cabin when flying with airlines imposing a maximum depth of 20 cm. These dimensions comply with most low-cost airline cabin restrictions (see our overview of luggage standards in the Customer Service section).
Optimal security for your luggage with a TSA compatible code approved by the US Transport Security Authority (TSA) so that American authorities, using a special TSA key, can check your luggage without damaging it.
Patented system with wheels opposite the shoulder straps. If the luggage is worn on the back, the wheels do not touch it and when rolling, the straps do not drag on the ground.