DELSEY | 00236472013

Delsey Crosstrip 2 55 2CPTS Cabin Trolley Case

The cross-generation & outdoor line that pairs design and durability for your most extreme trips! DELSEY luggage offers clevely-designed features to ensure that all travellers can organise their luggage in the way that suits them best, so that they can get access to their personal effects more easily


•Luggage that can be taken into the cabin in line with IATA recommendations. Its dimensions comply with most cabin luggage restrictions imposed by airlines (see our overview of luggage standards in the Customer Service section).
•Contains several compartments and pockets to make your personal items more accessible.
•Optimal security for your luggage with a TSA compatible code approved by the US Transport Security Authority (TSA) so that American authorities, using a special TSA key, can check your luggage without damaging it.