DELSEY | 00224724006


With elegant and clean lines, the TUILERIES range will delight travelers looking for the ultimate in light weight! And, once you are home, the foldable duffle bags take up no space at all. This luggage features a flexible framework allowing you to fold up your luggage so that it occupies a minimum amount of space when being stored.


•Optimal security for your luggage with a TSA compatible code approved by the US Transport Security Authority (TSA) so that American authorities, using a special TSA key, can check your luggage without damaging it.
•Gives optimal comfort during your travel, avoids paying additional charges at the airport and allows you to carry a maximum number of items. •Luggage that can be folded for optimal storage.
•Unique luggage closure system 41 times more resilient than a conventional zip fastener to maximise security and avoid the risk of any breaking through the zip.